Carole and Florent at The Plant recording studio in Sausalito, California, August '04.
Carole Atem laying down some tracks on the Hammond B3 organ at The Plant, August '04.
Carole and Florent with producer John Cuniberti (Joe Satriani) in his mastering lab at The Plant, August '04.
In the studio again with drummer Jeff Campitelli (Joe Satriani), August '04.
Band picture with Florent, Matt, Jeff and Carole, The Plant, August '04.
Carole and Florent with bass guitarist Matt Bissonette (Joe Satriani, David Lee Roth) at The Plant, August '04.
Front row, from left to right: assistant engineer Robert, producer John Cuniberti and engineer Justin Phelps, with Florent, Jeff, Carole and Matt, The Plant, August '04.
Carole and Florent performing for the Reggae Sunsplash festival in Tahiti, February '04.
Carole and Florent with Joe Satriani at The Plant recording studio in Sausalito, California, July '03.
With Joe Satriani’s drummer Jeff Campitelli and the amazing bass guitarist Michael Manring at The Plant, July '03.
With John Cuniberti - Joe Satriani’s producer and engineer - at Muir Woods in Sausalito, July '03.
At The Plant with Joe Satriani and producer John Cuniberti, July '03.
Florent, Carole, Michael and Jeff recording at The Plant, July '03.
Carole and Florent recording at The Plant recording studio, July '03.
Carole and Florent rehearsing.

Henry Kapono, Tahiti '03 poster.


Henry Kapono with his musicians and engineer Bob St John arriving in Tahiti, May '03.


Florent Atem and Henry Kapono live in Tahiti.

Carole Atem on keyboards.
Lopaka Colón and Florent Atem on percussion.
Carole Atem and Henry on vocals.
From left to right: Lopaka Colón, Florent Atem, Henry Kapono, Carole Atem, Ricky Gilbert and James Roberts.
Carole and Florent warmly welcome in Raiatea, French Polynesia, February '03.
Carole, Florent and their bass player Jean-Pierre Dexter with David Garfield in Tahiti, December '02.
Henry Kapono and his musicians including Carole and Florent Atem , onstage at Kapono’s, Hawaii, December '02.
Offstage after a performance with Quino, lead singer from the band Big Mountain, at Kapono’s, Hawaii, December '02.
Carole and Florent broadcast live on KSSK radio, Hawaii, December '02.
Carole and Florent with bass player Jean-Pierre Dexter (left) and their friend Guy Laurens, leader of the dance troupe Fenua, after a show in Paea, Tahiti, November '02.
Signing autographs and promoting the new album, Favorites, in Tahiti, September '02.
Shooting the video for the song Africa, off Carole and Florent’s fourth album, '02.
Carole Atem working on the video for Africa.
Florent Atem on drums shooting the video for Africa.
In Hawaii, with their friend and world-class engineer Bob St John (Prince, Extreme, Metallica, etc.).
Mixing Favorites, Carole and Florent’s fourth album, at Neos Productions in Hawaii.
Florent Atem on acoustic guitar.
Live at To'ata in Papeete, Tahiti, March '02.
Performing live with Henry Kapono, Hawaii, December '00.
Carole and Florent with Toto drummer Simon Phillips in Los Angeles, July '00.
Carole Atem practising at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, July '00.
Live show in Las Vegas with fellow musicians (Area-51), July '00.
Jamming at BB King's Blues Club, Los Angeles, July '00.
Carole & Florent ATEM performing at the Mana Rock Café in Tahiti with their bass player Jean-Pierre Dexter, '00.
In Tahiti, shooting the video for the song Ha'amana'o, off Carole & Florent ATEM's third album, '99.
Sharing the stage with Jerry Santos from the band Olomana, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hawaii, July '99.
In concert at Ala Moana Centerstage, Hawaii, July '99.
Live at Musicians Institute (MI), Los Angeles, August '97.